Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greetings from Utah! As our second day in the Salt Lake Valley winds down, I wanted to update you about many of the ways that God has already been blessing our time here.

​We have spent most of our time so far meeting with other church planting families in the area. Yesterday morning, we met with the Fox family. Travis Fox is the Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Grace City Church.  We wound up being together for a few hours with Travis telling me of his missional efforts in the downtown area and helping me understand the Salt Lake Valley context for ministry while his wife talked with Jennifer about life as a wife and mother here. Our kids also had lots of fun playing together! Here is a brief video that I recorded with Travis on church planting in Utah (I apologize for the low volume, but hopefully you can still hear him):

Then in the afternoon we met with the Rutledge family. Kevin Rutledge has just moved to the Provo area (last week!) to plant Redeemer Church. We spent a few hours with them getting to know each other and hearing what he has done so far to plant a church in Provo. The whole time I was together with the Fox and Rutledge families, I felt like I was a sponge soaking in insights and wisdom from these men. I am sure that we will be staying in touch as my family moves toward church planting ourselves.

This afternoon we enjoyed some together with the Madden family. Adam Madden leads the Christ Fellowship church network. We met for a picnic up the mountains on the east side of the valley in the Wasatch National Forest. Again, it seemed as if God had given us another divine appointment, providing me with another great contact and partner in church planting. I feel like Christ is at work and I am simply along for the ride!

We ended the day by having dinner with some of the leaders from West Valley Church, which is a part of Christ Fellowship. Their families were very generous in inviting us to share a meal with them, and we appreciated hearing their insights on living in a diverse community where they are seeking to make an impact with the gospel. 

So at the end of two days, we have been able to establish several strategic relationships, I have gained insight into church planting in the Salt Lake Valley, my wife has learned a lot about being a church planting wife and mother in this area, and our kids have already started making friends. They were even able to throw snowballs with some remaining snow up in the mountains!

Can you tell that I am excited about the possibility of planting a church here in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah? Please continue praying for us. The next few days include getting to know the valley and its culture better, doing some evangelistic outreach, and meeting more families. So you can look forward to more updates!



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